Friday, 18 May 2007

Brussels Blogmeet

Well.........I met some Brussels bloggers last night. At least I think I did. Zoe was there with the Twat, Spanish Goth and the Mariposa, Tippler and Laura, Brom man from England, Honey and Eliab, and of course the Aunt who took me along and, standing in for Fast Eddy, acted as security blanket, chaperone and towards the end of the evening - minder. From what I can remember, a nasty shouty man got upset when I touched his techno thingy (and that's not a euphemism).

Suffice to say I haven't been feeling 100% today but am just about ready for my favourite 'feeling a bit under the weather' cure - chocolate, which I will take hot and in the form of a drink for rehydration purposes.

Did I just hear Tony Blair talking about the divisions between Sonny & Cher in Iraq?

Anyway, I had a fab time and already appear to be enjoying the fringe benefits of this blogging hobby(horse).