Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Fallen Angels

Blodwyn and I went to Rome for the weekend. We met up with another friend ariving from the UK who, for reasons I won't divulge, I will call the 'Airhostess'. The weather was lovely, not too hot for long indulgent lunches and fine wining and dining. We hadn't seen the Airhostess for ages so there was a lot of catching up to be done. In between we saw one or two of 'the sights'.

Enjoying a post prandial stroll near to the Colosseum, the three of us in row - Blodders (the blond) flanked by myself and the Airhostess as we picked over the cobblestones, we suddenly encountered a very attractive 'Gladiator' - now most of the Gladiators and Centurians in the vicinity looked like extras from 'Asterix the Gaul' but the sight of this one was definitely for sore eyes - all dark eyes and muscles, complete with skirt and leather breastplate.

"Wow!" he said "Charlie's Angels" which stopped us in our tracks. He put his arm round Blodders, making her blush, while trying to persuade us to have our photo taken with him.

She did cop a sneaky feel of his fake leather.

"Where are you from?" he asked in heavily accented English. "Where do you think?" Blodders replied. "Paradiiise" he drawled. Of course, we politely said "no grazie", whereupon he turned her round and gave her a pat on the bottom.

Now, we are probably much nearer the age of the original 'Angels' than the new fangled kickboxing ones and I KNOW it was a line but a much appreciated confidence boost for us all, especially Blodwyn who has been going through some stuff lately.

PS. Don't you just love Italian waiters - especially if they are called Gianfranco apparently.


PI said...

'Air hostess' has a distinct whiff of the fifties.
Yonks ago - when I was young and nubile - my glamorous friend Julia and I were walking along the braaod part near the Arsenale in Venice and a gang of youths were walking towards us. They all stopped dead in their tracks and mimed being struck by a coup do foudre. It was so funny we just giggled inanely.

Scouse Doris said...

Hi Pi,
Nice to hear from you - yes I suppose they are called cabin staff or something these days. Air hostess somehow sounds sexist.
We went around with big smiles for a while after too!

Honey said...

great trip! You are one of charlie's angels, fit, gorgeous, witty and kicks ass.
go girl!

Scouse Doris said...

Aaaaawh. You are very kind. Go girl yourself!

Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

Gianfrancos are good, but Pierluigis are better. A weekend in Rome is worth a fortune in self-esteem restoration classes. I'm happy to let the young boys do flirting practice on me, I'd play along and blush, simper etc. Glad you gels had such a good time.

Scroblene said...

Skycers! I would have done too!

Luckily, as I'm a soft old threat now, I'm allowed the occasional paternal arm-around-the-shoulders with some lady chums I see regularly.


Tuscan Tony said...

Wondeful stuff; those gladiatorial types hanging around the Coliseum are an Italian national treasure.
Never tried it on with me, though.

Scouse Doris said...

Daffers - you must tell me your Pierluigi(s)story

Scrobbers - Hi there you soft old threat you.

Tuscan Tony - Welcome and I'm sure there are one or two that wanted to but just wouldn't dare!